Upcoming Events Enhance Your Knowledge

Throughout each calendar year, the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association sponsors/conducts – on behalf of DAU – numerous learning events to enhance the knowledge of the acquisition community. In April of each year, we support the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium, which is hosted by DAU. Also, throughout the year, we sponsor several “DAU Hot Topic Training Forums” – hosted by DAU – on the latest initiatives in the acquisition field. We will post the notes/slides from the symposium and forums whenever possible on the DAU Acquisition Community Connection (ACC).



As a member, your benefits include: ♦ Personal and early notification of annual DAU Symposium and bi-monthly hot topic training forums; ♦ Connectivity with DAU through web site, e-mail and newsletter updates on acquisition policies; ♦ Networking with other acquisition professionals; ♦ Access to scholarships for members’ families; ♦ Eligibility for no-cost membership in DAUAA LinkedIn Group; ♦ Training course discounts from DAUAA partners; and ♦ Addition of DAUAA membership to your resume.


DAU Acquisition Training Symposium

‘THE FUTURE OF DEFENSE ACQUISITION – IMPROVEMENT FROM WITHIN!’ A training and learning event hosted and sponsored by the DAU, and presented to Government and industry acquisition professionals with the co-sponsorship and support of the DAU Alumni Association


Hot Topics Training Forums

Hot topic forums are held approximately every two months.  These forums bring top-rated speakers and acquisition leaders to the DAU campus to discuss topics of interest to acquisition professionals.  Attendees are generally from the federal government and the defense industry. Check this website for the latest info on upcoming forums.